With a rich history spanning 175 years, Spooner Vicars has firmly established itself as a leading name in the design, manufacture, and supply of high-quality baking equipment, instilling confidence in our expertise and reliability.

Spooner Vicars has a renowned reputation for providing reliable and robust high-speed precision machinery for a comprehensive range of products for Laminated or Sheeted Crackers/Hard Sweet Biscuits, Garibaldi & Breakfast Pouches, Rotary Moulded biscuits, Wire Cut Cookies or Co-Extruded Bars, as well as biscuits for the Pet Food Industry.

Spooner Vicars Bakery Systems is credited with many technical innovations and firsts. Now part of The Middleby Corporation, we are in a solid position to meet the ever-changing biscuit, cookie, and cracker market demands. All over the world, consumers are enjoying the great taste of biscuits, cookies, and crackers produced on our accurate, efficient, and reliable plant equipment. Spooner Vicars Bakery Systems’ focus is to be the world leader in “Total Supply & Service” to our customer base and increase market leadership through faster responses, on-time deliveries, professionalism, quality, and technological advancement and to be the best in our industry Spooner Vicars Bakery Systems can offer a complete turnkey solution to its customers, starting from the initial bakery plant design to full installation and commissioning of the equipment.

Spooner Vicars is a division of the US-based Middleby Corporation. We have a worldwide network of sales offices and agents to service the bakery industry’s needs, from Biscuits to Cookies and Crackers.

Spooner Vicars’ reputation for engineering excellence extends to over 50 countries, with baking and engineering experience dating back to 1850.


Sheet Forming and Baking Systems for Semi-Hard, Sweet, Low Fat, ‘Hard’ Doughs
Laminating Forming and Baking Systems for Low Fat, ‘Hard’ Doughs
Forming and Bakery Plant and Machinery for Rotary Moulded, Wire Cut, Rout Press Extruded, Co-Extruded and Deposited High Fat, Soft Doughs
Mixing, Sheeting, Rotary Moulding, and Baking. Variety of Shapes, Colors, and Flavors


Vortex High Speed Mixer

The double helical Beater design with a Sprag Mixer is ideal for all dough types. Its patented mixing action has proved to give a more homogenous mix with reduced mixing time up to 40% when compared to other high speed mixers.

Dough Feeding Systems

Available in a variety of arrangements to suit factory requirements for same floor or upper floor dough feeding.

A-PEX400 Cut Sheet Laminator 

The Laminator is key to good quality products and has been a great success since its introduction in 1993. Its small footprint, accurate sheet position control and fully support dough sheet design, has become a favourite for the industry.

Available with 4 Roll Sheeter Option

A-PEX400 Cutting Machine

The 400 diameter rollers throughout ensure accurate control over dough sheet thickness and consistency. Efficiency, profitability, hygiene and easy maintenance are at the forefront for a smooth operation and long term condition of the line.

A-PEX400 Wire Cut

Servo driven, retaining all established principles of cutting as proven on all former Spooner Vicars Wire Cut Machines, but with the added benefit of ease of sanitation, maintenance and operation.

A-PEX400 Twin Roll Rotary Cutter

Servo driven with rapid cut on/cut off feature and easily removable cutting/embossing rollers.

A-PEX400 Rotary Moulder

High speed, sanitary, precision machines available in both standard and heavy duty design, to produce traditional and specialist type soft goods, including pet biscuits.

Forced Convection Oven

The Direct Forced Air Convection Oven is suitable for the baking of products ranging from Soft Dough products through Hard / Sweet to Enzyme type Cracker and combined with sections of the Multi-Burner System to form a Hybrid Solution For Cream Cracker, Soda Cracker and Baked Snack type products.

Direct Gas Fired Multi Burner Oven

The DGF Oven is designed to provide a fully flexible baking environment enabling unique baking profiles to be established for each product. All features are engineered to high standards to provide excellent performance and hygiene. It features the “Flynn USA” range of high thermal output ribbon burners.


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