The Spooner Vicars Bakery Systems range of ovens are designed provide the optimum conditions for quality baked products. A number of options are available to enhance the performance and meet the individual needs of each customer.

They are of a modular design to ensure quality standards are maintained and provide a rapid and efficient installation. Each module is constructed from corrosion resistant high temperature material in 2 or 3 meter modular lengths. These modules are then assembled together on site to form the oven. The oven is split into suitably sized zonal lengths of between 8 and 18 meters to create the correct number of zones for optimum baking profile control.

Direct Gas Fired Oven

The Direct Gas Fired Multi-Burner Oven (DGF) is the latest modular design concept of this well established and widely accepted flexible baking system which can be used as a 100% baking solution or combined with other types of heat transfer systems to form a Hybrid configuration.

Forced Convection Oven

The Direct Forced Air Impingement Convection Ovens are suitable for baking of products ranging from Soft Dough products through Hard /Sweet to Enzyme type Cracker and combined with sections of the Multi-Burner System to form a Hybrid Solution for Cream Cracker, Soda Cracker and Baked Snack type products.

Hybrid Oven

Hybrid ovens are the result of combining different types of heating system into the same oven. Spooner Vicars Bakery Systems have been supplying HYBRIDS for many years and recommend them for most product types.

Bakery Tunnel Oven

Spooner Vicars Bakery Systems have been supplying Travelling Tunnel Ovens to the Global Baking Industry for over 165 years. This long association means SVBS understand that baking is a complex process with each product having its own requirements in terms of the method by which heat is transferred to it.