Oven Designs to Suit the Customer Needs

Spooner Vicars Bakery Systems have been supplying Travelling Tunnel Ovens to the Global Baking Industry for over 165 years. This long association means SVBS understand that baking is a complex process with each product having its own requirements in terms of the method by which heat is transferred to it.

For instance some products require an even ‘flat’ colour, while others benefit from a colour highlight variation, which give the end product characteristics

The selection of the right baking system is critical to the quality of the final product, and operational cost efficiencies. Thus the type, designed format and composition of the complete oven is chosen to bake a specific product or range of products. Whether that is 100% Direct Gas Fired Multi-Burner, Forced Convection, Radiant or a Hybrid Oven having combinations of these baking mediums.

Unlike some manufacturers SVBS supply a range of renowned – proven oven types and therefore can offer the correct and most effective baking system to suit the products.

All the ovens are designed to comply with the latest stringent health & safety standards no matter where in the world they are installed, and no expense is spared to ensure they are completely safe to operate. Plus accessibility for hygiene and clean down is a major feature of our ovens, as they all have large hinged access doors.

Each oven type is designed to provide the most efficient use of fuel, while being easy to control. Together with fully flexible Top & Bottom heat controls above and below the baking band provides ideal and precise baking conditions, including even bake across and down the oven bake chamber.

Attention has also been given to the time required for installation. The SVBS ovens are built in a modular format — fully assembled delivered design — to ensure quality QC standards are maintained before dispatch and provide a rapid and efficient installation, and dramatically reduces the installation time and labour requirement. Each module is constructed from corrosion resistant high temperature material in 2 or 3 metre modular lengths. These modules are then assembled together on site to form the oven. The oven is split into suitably sized zonal lengths of between 8 and 18 metres to create the correct number of zones for optimum baking profile control.

Typical: Multi-Purpose Hybrid Oven.
Comprising: Direct Multi-Burner & Convection (with Radiation Baking Capabilities inbuilt) Baking Oven

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Typical Baking Bands

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