The Direct Gas Fired Multi-Burner Oven (DGF) is the latest modular design concept of this well established and widely accepted flexible baking system which can be used as a 100% baking solution or combined with other types of heat transfer systems to form a Hybrid configuration.

The Multi-Burner Oven is suitable for the baking of products ranging from Soft Dough products through Hard / Sweet to Cracker, Soda Cracker and Baked (not fried) Snack type products.

The Multi-Burner oven is supplied with a proven Zero Gas Pressure burner system combined with PLC controlled ignition and self checking spark and flame monitor burner safety system to each individual burner, conforming with world-wide safety regulations. The Multi-Burner Oven benefits from the use of the “Flynn USA” range of ribbon burners reputed for their robust construction and longevity, these burners are suspended from their dedicated burner support providing full support during extraction / insertion allowing rapid, repeatable re-location and providing free space between burner and product.

The Multi-Burner Oven is supplied and delivered complete with fully insulated bake chamber and outer sheeting in 2 metre modules facilitating rapid installation. The oven can be supplied in widths to suit production lines of between 800 to 2000 mm in width and lengths in excess of 100 metres.