• The Spooner Vicars electric oven ensures sustainable, emission free baking
  • No emissions from the energy source at the point of use
  • When powered with green electricity is carbon neutral
  • Direct electric heating in the bake chamber or airflow is the most efficient heating method
  • Precision controllability of temperature using stepless thyristor control
  • Radiant heated zones using direct electric tubular elements
  • FC impingement heated zones using direct electric tubular elements in the airstream feeding
  • Castellated nozzles for improved heat transfer
  • Hybrid ovens in any ratio of both the radiant and forced convection style zones

Electric Radiant Zones

  • Electric hairpin tubular elements fitted in a removable power drawer frame fitted above/below the conveyor in the bake chamber, easily removed for servicing
  • Each power drawer has an easily removable plug and socket electrical connection
  • The power drawer frame configurable for required heat output
  • Radiant zones have temperature range up to 380 degrees C
  • The power drawer has insulated plug to reduce heat loss from the bake chamber
  • Insulated reflector on the top heaters improves heat transfer
  • Electric forced convection zones
  • Electric hairpin tubular elements fitted in the airstream in a removable drawer frame, easily removed for servicing from the side of the power module
  • Drawer frame configurable for required heat output and sized for easy handling
  • Convection zones have a temperature range up to 350 degrees C
  • Individual hairpin heating elements in each drawer frame allow easy replacement
  • Locally mounted control panels utilising remote I/O to reduce wiring
  • Fresh air system to replace exhaust air
  • Option to preheat the fresh air recovering heat from the exhaust
  • Conveyor widths up to 600mm to 2m
  • Oven lengths of 6m to over 100m
  • Conveyor preheat available
  • HMI control panel at delivery end with option of a mimic panel at the FE
  • Recipe control
  • Product tracking & idle mode saving energy during product gaps
  • Auto band tracking system
  • Conveyor cleaning system
  • Modular construction SS/MS/Painted etc.