Direct or Indirect Forced Convection Ovens

The Direct or Indirect Forced Air Convection Impingement Oven is suitable for the baking of products ranging from Soft Dough products through Hard /Sweet to Enzyme type Cracker and combined with sections of the Multi-Burner System to form a Hybrid Solution for Cream Cracker, Soda Cracker and Baked (not fried) Snack type products.

The Direct Forced Convection Oven applies temperature from a fully modulating burner via a top mounted furnace section and re-circulation fan directly into the baking chamber. This heat is separated into Top and Bottom Pressure chambers, each one of which can be independently controlled to maximise the energy efficient application of Top and Bottom Temperature to the product.

The fully modulating burner coupled with the Re-Circulation of Air from the Bake Chamber via the furnace section allows rapid response to temperature fluctuations, accurate to within +/- 1°C, virtually eliminating “flash heat” and maximising the operational fuel efficiencies.

The Design of the Pressure Chambers responsible for the application of Heated Air to the product, both above and below the conveyor, is such that the heat distribution across the width of the oven is even and constant, this ensures that the optimum Moisture and Colour balance of each individual product across the width of the oven conveyor.

The Direct Forced Convection Oven is supplied and delivered complete with fully insulated bake chamber and outer sheeting as modules facilitating rapid installation. The Oven can be supplied in widths to suit production lines of between 800 to 1600 mm in width and lengths in excess of 100 metres.