Laminating & Sheeting Lines

Spooner Vicars Bakery Systems A-PEX Forming Machinery combines product flexibility with high speed accurate production.

For Laminated Biscuits and Cracker types

Spooner Vicars Bakery Systems has a renowned reputation for providing reliable, high speed precision machinery for Laminated and Enzyme Crackers, Hard and Semi Sweet Biscuits and other products such as Garibaldi and Breakfast Pouches.

Our A-PEX Sheeting Lines are specifically designed to give accurate sheet thickness, reliable performance and the correct controllable baking conditions to give a consistent and reliable product quality.

Hygeine and maintenance demands are a critical part of our design criteria with every effort made to keep labour and time requirements to the minimum. Special attention has been taken to product changeover times as any delay will affect the line profitability.

Successful projects are about teamwork. At Spooner Vicars Bakery Systems we have a wealth of knowledge available to our customers to find the most appropriate line configuration and specification to meet your needs. We have both standard solutions and tailor made which allow us to meet the most demanding market requirements.

Lines can be fully automatic with recipe driven control systems or semi automatic The machines are suitable for many different dough types from the soft, hard and tough cracker doughs. Indeed, over many years of specifying and installing lines, our design staff have encountered all types of doughs and can recommend the changes in machine specification to provide an efficient operation.

Other specialised lines can be supplied with or without individual – additional Sheeting Units to produce multi-colour / faloured products, as well as Garibalidi & Pouchcenter filled type products.

Cut Sheet Laminating

The Cut Sheet Laminating principle pioneered & developed by SVBS has now become the norm the baking industry, and has many advantages over folding lamination systems. That is including the uniformity of the dough sheet thickness & weight across the full width of the Forming Line, and at the same time ensuring the dough sheet going in to the first Gauging Unit of the Forming Line, is totally relaxed across & along to give optimum control of the final biscuit shape.

Gauge Roll Unit

The gauge roll unit reduces the thickness of a continuous dough sheet accurately, usually after a sheeting or laminating unit. The Gauge Roll Unit retains the established principles of accurate dough gauging utilising chilled cast iron precision ground rollers, mounted in heavy duty spherical roller bearings. The Gauge Roll unit is available in two models – a standard model with 305mm diameter rollers – and a heavy duty model with 405mm diameter rollers.

Rotary Cutting & Embossing

The continuous dough sheet passes through the rotary cutter where, using a single combined embossing/cutting roller or separate embossing and cutting rollers; the biscuit or cracker shape is cut into the dough sheet. Each neoprene coated anvil roller can be independently raised and lowered, with side-to-side adjustment for precise operation, full synchronisation of the embossing and cutting rollers, and Pneumatically operated cut on – cut off facility.

The Rotary Cutter unit is available in two models – a standard model with 200mm diameter rollers – and a heavy-duty model with 300mm diameter rolls.

Scrap Pickup and Return System

After cutting, the combined scrap pickup and return system collects the scrap lattice from the cutting unit by separating the cut biscuit shape and scrap lattice via two separate conveyors. The scrap pickup conveyor transfers the scrap lattice onto a cross conveyor before transferring it onto an inclined side scrap return conveyor. Here the scrap dough is cut into small pieces before re-introducing the dough into the hopper of the sheeter or laminator unit.

Further Equipment

For other biscuit forming units, attachments and processes.