Auxilliary equipment

Further auxiliary equipment can be supplied to augment the complete Process Lines. For example the addition of Fat & Flour Applicators, Flour Dusters, Sprinklers, Washover Attachments, Post Oven Radiant Heating Systems, Oil or Slurry Spray Units, and Product Cooling & Handling Systems, etc.

Fat & Flour Applicator

The Unit has a unique proven design that is usually fitted to our range of Laminators whether as part of a new contract or for addition to older existing Laminators. The system provides a ‘finite’ controlled amount of fat & flour mixture (60/40%) in between each and every lamination.

Flour Dusters

Flour duster units can be installed on the forming section to suit the individual requirements of the product process. These units are of a compact design and can accurately and evenly provide the required level of flour dusting prior to the various stages of the dough forming process.

Sugar / Salt / Seed Sprinklers and Recovery Systems

Spooner Vicars has a complete range of biscuit and cracker topping sprinklers and recovery systems. These systems allow products to be sprinkled evenly, e.g. salt, sugar, sesame seeds or other dry particulate. Generally as an option, the system collects excess sprinkled materials not received by the product and recovers for future reuse.

The sprinkler hopper can be manually or automatically filled by a vacuum type fill and recovery system.

A-PEX Swivel Panner Conveyor

Has been designed to effectively transfer the formed dough pieces from the relevant Forming machine accurately and centrally onto the oven baking band. The swivel mechanism on the Panner tracks the oven baking band using edge sensors or band followers, thus ensuring accurate positioning of the product. This conveyor can be supplied in a stainless steel construction, to prevent any corrosion from the possible carry over of salt when a salt sprinkler is fitted Swivel Panner Conveyor.