Spooner Vicars Bakery Systems A-PEX Forming Machinery combines product flexibility with high speed accurate production.

A-PEX Sheeting Units

Spooner Vicars Bakery Systems has a renowned reputation for providing reliable, high speed precision machinery for Laminated Sheeted, Hard and Semi Sweet Biscuits and other products such as Garibaldi, Breakfast Pouches, and Pet Food Lines.

Our A-PEX Sheeting Lines are specifically designed to give accurate sheet thickness, reliable performance and the correct controllable conditions to give a consistent and reliable product quality.

Hygeine and maintenance demands are a critical part of our design criteria with every effort made to keep labour and time requirements to the minimum.

Successful projects are about teamwork. At Spooner Vicars Bakery Systems we have a wealth of knowledge available to our customers to find the most appropriate line configuration and specification to meet your needs. We have both standard solutions and tailor made which allow us to meet the most demanding market requirements.

The machines are suitable for many different dough types from the soft, hard and tough cracker doughs. Indeed, over many years of specifying and installing lines, our design staff have encountered all types of doughs and can recommend the changes in machine specification to provide an efficient operation

The Process

For sheeted only products, dough is fed into the feed hopper of the Sheeter unit. This unit ensures constant dough feeding and if required scrap integration to form a consolidated dough sheet of even volume prior to feeding to the subsequent conveyor or units of machinery in the Dough Feeding or Forming Line.
Combination sheeters can be installed in a production line where sheeted and laminated products are produced. The combination sheeter has a moveable feed roller which can manoeuvre out of the way to allow the sheeter unit to act as a gauge roll unit

  • Suitable for many different types of soft, hard, cracker, speciality, Baked Potato doughs and the like.
  • The dough is visible throughout the ‘forming’ processes, enabling the operator to control and produce the optimum product
  • Capacity to suit your immediate and future needs
  • Add unit machines to existing SVBS or competitor lines