The High-Speed Sprag Mixers are used extensively for the production of potato snack, crackers, hard biscuits, rotary, wire cut, and pet food biscuit dough. The Unique Sprag beater design has greatly reduced the mixing times on all types of doughs. In most cases up to 40% reductions have been achieved. The beater design also allows the mixing of small batches in larger mixers without loss of mixing efficiency, which gives the machine even more flexibility.

The mixing drum can be arranged to suit various discharge angles up to 170º depending on the customer’s individual requirements.

The curved entablature, which forms the top of the Mixer, can be supplied to suit various options of dry and liquid ingredient feeds.


Mixers are available in 350, 500, 750, 1000, and 1500 kg capacities. These capacities can be achieved by the Mixer for even the hardest doughs.


The High-Speed Sprag Mixers are used extensively for the mixing of all Cracker, Biscuit and Cookie doughs, and including speciality doughs like Potato Snack and Pet Food.

Beater Design

The Unique Double Helical Sprag beater design has been jointly developed by Spooner Vicars Bakery Systems and the FMBRA Food Research Association, to give an excellent homogeneous mix of all ingredients in the recipe, reduce the mixing times significantly by up to 40%, mix to a time / temperature or optionally energy input.

The Sprag houses the temperature sensor, in order to accurately measure and control the final dough temperature within the mass of dough being mixed.

Two-speed inverter drive to give maximum speed ranges, smooth start-up, and minimal power usage.

Insulated Mixer drum – included as standard

The beater design also allows the mixing of smaller batches of dough – up to 66% of design capacity– without loss of the mixing efficiency.

Dough Feeding and Handling

The mixing drum can be arranged to suit various discharge angles up to 170º depending on the customer’s individual requirements.

Bulk or Manual Ingredient Feed: The Mixers are arranged to facilitate connection to customers auto or semi – auto ingredient feed systems, and including manual feed. The curved entablature which forms the top of the Mixer can be supplied to suit various options of dry and liquid ingredient feeds.

Hygienic Design

All stainless steel and food quality contact parts with ingredients. Mounted on support feed to give good clearance under the Mixer.