Spooner Vicars A-PEX Rotary Moulders have been designed to meet operator’s demands for a user friendly machine combined with excellent performance. Our latest generation moulders offer unrivaled hygiene, flexibility and accuracy for the cookie, biscuit and pet food sectors. “Special attention has been given to provide extended extraction band life and reduced change over times.”

The advanced design of the rotary moulder improves flexibility.

  • Machine widths available from 800 to 1800mm. Standard, wipe-down or full wash-down design. Speeds up to 40m/min.
  • Touch screen interface with semi- or fully-automatic control
  • Enhanced design allows open access for cleaning and fast product change-over
  • Radial scraper assembly improves weight accuracy, minimising product give away
  • Various dough feeding systems designed to meet your needs
  • Standard features allow accurate moulding of both hard and soft doughs

Cutters & Rollers

Spooner Vicars uses the latest technology for surface modelling, CAD/CAM and CNC machines to produce a range of precision cutters and rollers for rotary cutting, rotary moulding, wire cut, fig bar, rout press dies and reciprocating cutters.

  • Multi-spindle engraving technology reduces lead times
  • CAD/CAM technology linked to 3D laser scanning enables up to create computer visualisations and volume calculations
  • Laser scanning for accurate reproduction and modification of existing dies and moulds
  • Our catalogue and database holds over 20,000 biscuit, cookie and confectionery designs