The Spooner Vicars Bakery Systems Wire Cut Unit can process a wide variety of doughs with and without inclusions such as nuts, chocolate chips and fruit up to 10mm particle size. The machine can be supplied with its own conveyor, mounted over the oven band either in line or at 30 degrees thereby increasing the product density on the oven band. It can also be configured for frozen dough with its own paper feed unit.

Using the Wire Cut as a Rout Press Extruding Unit, and with the option of a Guillotine, the machine can produce continuous ropes of single or dual extrusions to produce products such as Fig Bar and Filled Breakfast Snacks.


The large diameter feed rollers and attention to the design of the Filler Block results in a controlled flow through the nozzles to give accurate weight control.
This is a high performance machine capable of speeds from 75 to 300 cuts/minute.


Reduced changeover times are achieved with; removable hopper, dies and die block. The hopper hinges back to reveal complete access to the Feed Rollers. The Filler block and nozzle plate are pneumatically raised and lowered into position and mechanically locked. This reduces the strain on operators reduces the time required for removal and replacement.


The hopper hinges back providing access to the feed rollers. The feed Rollers can be completely removed from the machine in 10 minutes for off machine sanitation. The Filler Block and Nozzle Plate are easily lowered and slide from the machine for changeover or cleaning.

Cost of ownership for the change parts is minimal by comparison with other types of Wire Cuts on the Market